Fully Waterproof Automatic Male Masturbator Cup, Pocket Pussy Male Stroker with 3D Realistic Vagina, Through-Open Portable Male Masturbators 7 Thrusting & Rotating Adult Sex Toys for Men Pleasure

Item No.: 20097
IPX7 Waterprooof
Through-Open Design

2 in 1 Through-open Rotating & Thrusting Male Masturbators

Men will love the revolutionary upgraded automatic male masturbator cup

This male masturbators cup sex toy comes with a 2-in-1 function of thrusting & rotating, you can switch between 2 modes at your leisure and adjust 7 different speed gears to let you try diverse stimulation. The through-open masturbator masturbation cup will bring you more fun to explore, the realistic pocket pus*y stroker will stimulate nerves of different sensations in your body, allowing you to experience intense sex pleasure without much effort.

Fast sprinting, ups and downs

7-speed adjustable male sex toy for men, enjoy a deep and exciting process

This automatic male masturbator's 7-speed thrusting & rotating modes allow you to explore a range of pleasures from gentle teasing to hardcore stimulation. You have complete freedom to push your limits with the male penis stroker. 360° deep rotating and thrusting male masturbation cup delivers unparalleled penis masturbation excitement and stimulation. Thrusting male masturbator adult sex toys push you to unforgettable orga*ms straight to sex heaven!

Through-open Pocket Pussy Stroker Male Sex Toy

Some buyers always complain the biggest problem with traditional automatic male masturbators is length limit, so we designed the male masturbation cup to be open through, breaking the length limit to meet the size needs of more buyers. No matter how big your pen*s is, all parts of your body can be stimulated in all directions while using masturbator adult sex toys. The pocket pussy penis vibrator for men will stimulate your nerve sensitivity and bring you an excellent sex experience.

Underwater orgies, water sex is more exciting


  • Waterproof pocket pussy stroker for use in water

The thrusting male masturbator is waterproof up to IPX7, you can even submerge male masturbators in water to use and enjoy bath men masturbation or oral sex with your lover. The entire pen*s stroker sex toys can be rinsed directly with water, cleaning care is more convenient. Enjoy male pen*s stroker to start your male masturbation adventure anywhere and everywhere, perfectly simulating the sex experience and seeking unlimited pleasure.


  • Fully body washable penis vibrator


Wash your male sex toy masturbation cup before and after each use with water or deodorizing soap, rinse well with water and then use a non-flaky non-woven cloth or towel to gently wipe thrusting male masturbator sex toy for men until completely dry and store.